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Become a Growth Partner

Our most premium offering, with an advanced, bespoke, package of services

Our Growth Partner package provides the most advanced level of service, tailored to your business. We offer sector exclusivity on this package so there are limited opportunities available, contact us to see if there is an opportunity in your sector.

Each Growth Partner is recognised as the leader, ambassador, and expert for their industry sector to build high profile and valuable relationships whilst being a key contributor of Exeter Chamber’s activities.

If you are interested in this package, please contact the Chamber team

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Bespoke events package

Comprehensive and exclusive PR opportunities

Sector exclusivity

Priority membership – high profile branding

Chamber ambassador status

Hear from a current Growth Partner

Paul Nero

Becoming a Growth Partner of Exeter Chamber has given Radio Exe soft and hard benefits. With every message the Chamber sends and every event it organises, it sends a visible that we’re a supporter of businesses, charities and public sector organisations that make up the membership. If that’s the ‘soft’ benefit, the hard one is the specific opportunity to communicate with members, or segments of the membership, whenever we wish.  Used effectively, Growth Partner status is a mutual and flexible partnership: we offer our skills and expertise to the Chamber, we get access and influence in return.

Paul Nero
Managing Director, Radio Exe