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Lloyds TSB People and Environment Business Awards for (PEABs) 2013

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The People and Environment Awards for Business (PEABs) were launched to celebrate how green initiatives can be good for business as well as the planet. 

The Awards will showcase excellence and innovation as demonstrated by an individual or team within an organisation of any shape or size, whose contribution to the “greening” of UK businesses has been genuinely effective. 

The Awards recognise the exceptional leadership and vision that make a lasting impression and whose best practice and key strategies might inspire others in the future. They will highlight the people who are creating Britain’s greenest businesses, who understand and respect the planet’s precious resources and are prepared to make changes today to improve future well-being. 

The PEAB judges want to know the objectives of the nominated projects, what was done to try and achieve those objectives, and the outcome. The PEAB Awards are judged on effectiveness, which enables small organisations to compete with larger competitors on an equal basis.

The judging is carried out by an experienced and diverse panel, chaired by Leo Johnson a Partner of PricewaterhouseCoopers Sustainability and Climate Change team. Using the overall judging criteria and key points for each category, they will stringently evaluate and select the shortlisted candidates and eventual category winners. 

“The PEA Business Awards look for the real innovators–the teams and individuals who are driving new models of business. If this is a moment where the business sector has to respond rapidly to the social, environment and economic crises we confront, the PEA Business Awards celebrate the catalysts.”Leo Johnson, Partner of PricewaterhouseCoopers Sustainability & Climate Change & Chairman of Pea Business Awards Judges

Karen Cook, Senior Manager Sustainable Development and Community Enterprise, Lloyds TSB Commercial Banking, will sit on the judging panel and says: “We are committed to working with our customers to support their sustainability plans as we fully recognise the crucial importance to both businesses and the community. Working with the PEABs is part of our drive to support innovation towards sustainable business practices amongst the UK’s enterprises. I was so impressed with the quality and diversity of last year’s finalists and I am really looking forward to seeing this year’s entries. The awards are a great opportunity for SMEs to get recognition and publicity for championing and pioneering sustainability.”


Winners will be announced and the Awards presented at The PEA Business Awards 2013 ceremony, held at the glamorous One Marylebone London on May 7th 2013. 

Entering the Awards is FREE

Unlike many other Awards there is no fee to enter the inaugural People and Environment Awards for Business. The organisers, Evergreen Events, take responsibility for the secure storage of all submissions, collating entries, supervising the evaluation process, at the judging panel’s plenary sessions(s) and communicating information about short-listed finalists. 

How to enter

The core part of the submission is the entry form. Within the entry form is a strict word limit (500 words) to present a case for winning the award. Please read the entry form and the entry criteria carefully. There is no limit to the number of categories that may be entered, but each entry must be submitted on a completed nomination form, online at and arrive by the closing date of 25th March 2013.

Entries should contain specific commercial data and screen grabs/URLs and passwords where applicable and should be endorsed by the company's chief executive.  Each submission should contain a high resolution print quality (300dpi jpeg) head and shoulders photograph of the nominee(s).

The Lloyds TSB PEA Business Awards (PEABs) Categories

Guidelines for entries:

Irrespective of which category you choose to enter, the following details may be relevant: we want to know about the objectives of the project, why you did it and what the results were. If quantifiable, tell us what the project achieved in terms of sustainable development, economy and the environment. Who and what benefited? 

Point out any innovative aspects – and whether you consider other organisations/communities could benefit from implementing your methods? You might want to mention what you learnt from the project and how you intend to move forward, indicating whether any further developments are in the pipeline. Please also give details of any relevant accreditation.

PEAB Champion 

This will be the individual or team who, in the opinion of the judging panel, has come top overall. The nominee may have been short listed in more than one category or gained a particularly high score in a single category. 

Banking and Finance

This award is designed to recognise individuals or teams within financial institutions that excel in showing that investment performance can be compatible with socially responsible principles. 

Building and Construction

This award is for leadership in sustainable building practices, whether in relation to new builds, refurbishments, or existing building infrastructure. 

Chief Executive Officer of the Year

This award is for a visionary CEO who most clearly demonstrates an outstanding commitment to sustainability in their market. The judges will take into account the personal contribution of the CEO to the organisation’s growth or robust market share, competitive positioning, as well as sound commercial results. This will all be built on a foundation of outstanding green credentials, together with a sound grasp of what is needed in the future. 

Community Interest Company 

This award recognises an individual or team from within a Community Interest Company for environmentally conscious activity in their sector. 

Corporate Social Responsibility 

This award recognises HR, CSR and other personnel within organisations who initiate cost-effective and positive initiatives to help co workers become greener. Sponsored by John Lewis Partnership 

Environment Manager

This award for a business’s all-round excellent environmental management acknowledges that many different aspects of green performance have to be addressed by the individual or team leader responsible. 

Food and Drink

The award is to recognise an individual or team member who has created greater public awareness of the range and quality of organic food and or drink or developed products with lower ecological footprints.

Green Shoots Enterprise

We’re looking for dynamic, inspiring, entrepreneurial – and green-thinking – individuals or teams aged 18 to 30 to tell us how they've made a difference in the business environment with sustainable innovation, engagement and achievement.

Marketing and Public Relations

This award recognises effective, innovative marketing and communications initiatives by an individual or team leader which have encouraged greener purchasing habits and lifestyle choices. Account will be taken of the merit of the objectives, the relevance, the originality and the quality of the strategy and tactics used.  Sponsored by GREEN magazine

Public Sector

This award is for an individual or team working within a public sector organisation who has delivered a project of direct benefit and demonstrated a commitment to sustainable development. Sponsored by Kyocera

Retail Award

Nominations are invited from any individual or team working in the retail and wholesale sector carrying out programmes or systems to improve their environmental impact.

Online retailers may also enter. They will need to demonstrate the highest levels of delivery, site engagement & usability, security, innovation, and ethical practice, as well as initiatives to make internet purchasing a more sustainable solution.

Social Enterprise

This award acknowledges the work and achievements of the individuals or teams behind the most inspiring and successful social enterprises, whether a start-up, an organisation that holds the social enterprise mark or a business or project led by young people. Sponsored by National Enterprise Agency

Supply Chain

This award is open to those who have made greening the supply chain a core strategy. It will recognise how through an in-depth knowledge of the supply chain, an individual or team has been able to meet robust sustainability objectives and become eco-efficient leaders. 


The award is also open to those involved in responsible tourism development, whether a new attraction in a deprived area, a sustainable tourism scheme to benefit local people .The awards will go to an individual or team leader who has made an outstanding contribution to responsible tourism. 


This award will recognise an individual or team who has worked to minimise the harmful environmental effects of transport, by such initiatives as fleet management, minimising or changing business travel arrangements. Sponsored by Energy Saving Trust