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St Sidwell’s Point – New name for Exeter’s leisure complex is revealed

St Sidwell’s Point is the new name for Exeter’s landmark leisure complex and pool, situated in the new St Sidwell’s Quarter.

The name – currently a working title – comes from the adopted Saint of Exeter. Saint Sidwell was martyred in the 8th Century and a water well built where she died at the junction of York Road and Well Street, in front of what is today St Sidwell’s School. People came from miles around to bathe in her waters and water was channelled from the well to parts of Exeter using the Underground Passages

Dave Wright, Manager at St Sidwell’s Community Centre spoke of his delight at referencing the local name: “We are really pleased with the decision. We are very proud of the name St Sidwell and any association,” he said.

Cllr Ollie Pearson, Lead Councillor for Enabling Services, said it was fitting to use a name synonymous with Exeter for the new leisure complex.

“The name St Sidwell is close to the hearts of many people, both young and old, who live in Exeter. It's great to know that with this striking new building – St Sidwell's Point – the name will be represented by a prominent landmark in our city for generations to come.”
St Sidwell Point will be a landmark building situated at a key entrance to the city centre at the junction of Paris Street and Cheeke Street. It will not only provide excellent leisure facilities but also a focal point and sense of arrival in the city.

The Leisure Complex, which is due for completion in 2019, is part of the wider redevelopment of the bus station site and the whole area will be known as St Sidwell’s Quarter.

As well as a 25-metre pool with moveable floor and room for up to 250 spectators, there will be a 20m community pool, a confidence water pool, a 150-station fitness gym, a café, fitness studios, soft play area and a spa facility. The wide range of facilities will appeal to different sections of the community and make a positive contribution to health and wellbeing as well as the Council’s budget, supporting services residents use every day and helping everyone have a more active day in Exeter.

The iconic building will be designed to Passivhaus standards, with environmentally friendly credentials and reduced heating costs, inviting in natural light and not relying on unpleasant and traditional chlorine for filtration purposes.