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Government tries to sell off our Land Registry – AGAIN!

By April 6, 2016January 26th, 2021Member News & Updates

91% of people rejected the coalition proposal 2 years ago. Now the current Government think it’s time to try again. And they want it sold by 2017.

Whether you agree or disagree with privatising the register of ownership of land and property in England and Wales, the Government has given us less than 8 weeks to get our voices heard.


Why is this so important? – Because anyone who has bought, or intends to buy, property in England and Wales will be affected.

What does the Land Registry do?

  • Keeps the register of the ownership of land and property in England and Wales
  • Provides owners with a land title that is underpinned by the state
  • Ensures that property conveyances, transfers and mortgages, are properly executed and legally effective
  • Pays millions into the Treasury each year and costs the tax payer nothing!public consultation on privatising the Land Registry and they want it sold by next year.

This is something we should all be involved in. It doesn’t matter whether you think privatising the Land Registry is good or bad, make your views known by replying to the consultation at

Last time privatisation was tried, a petition of over 120,000 signatures helped change the governments mind.

A new petition has been started against the current privatisation plan at and it has already reached over 200,000 signatures.

I will leave the last word to the former Chief Land Registrar at the land Registry John Manthorpe! He said last year, “The role of the Land Registry is not an activity that any responsible Government can pass to the private sector.”

Author: James Ferguson

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