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Join hundreds of local people in completing our UoE commuter survey

By May 5, 2016January 26th, 2021Member News & Updates

One of the really exciting things happening in our region is the 2 year 'Engaged Smart Transport' project (see 

As part of Phase 1 of this project, the University of Exeter is running an on-line survey about commuting patterns and the traffic congestion in the Exeter region. This is something that most people are affected by or have an opinion on – so get involved! 

If you are aged 17+ and commute into or within Exeter during the working week for work or study, go to and take 10 minutes out of your day to complete our survey. If you're not, get your family, friends and/or colleagues to do so. Come and visit us at our Bedford Square stall next week – or drop me an email with your views and ideas on this transport issue.

The survey will be running for most of May and after being live for only a few days, we've already had nearly 400 responses – and counting…

Funded by Innovate UK/NERC and run by commercial specialists in IT, data analytics and infrastructure technology, Devon and Exeter Councils and the University of Exeter, this project aims to influence real-time decision making about how and when people commute into and around Exeter, to improve the flow across all transport networks.  

Alongside the big data collected by the commercial Partners, the University is focusing on why people make the travel choices they do, key factors that affect those choices and interventions most likely to achieve long term changes and a better commute overall. 

Central to this process is participation by local people – the people who actually make these journeys, who know how it feels to sit in queues of traffic, to have unexplained delays and few options at the time to improve the situation. From the results of this survey, and the big data from our commercial Partners, we will work with a number of public groups later in the year to co-create and test interventions that will make a real-time difference in peoples everyday journeys to places of work or study.

There is no easy fix to this, so TOGETHER we will find the right way forward.

Dr Sal Lampkin
[email protected]
01392 723337