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EU Membership and Brexit Survey June 2016 Results

By June 20, 2016January 26th, 2021Surveys

Ahead of the EU Referendum taking place on the Thursday 23rd June, Exeter Chamber of Commerce has gathered further views of the Exeter business community regarding the referendum at this stage.

61% of businesses reported that they believe EU membership has some importance to them. This has seen a 10% rise since the previous survey results collated in March 2016. 20% reported that it was not important at all and 17% had a neutral view.

When asked what type of effect leaving the EU would have on their business, over 60% reported it would have some negative impact and only 14% reported it would have some positive impact. When asked the same question in March this year, over 70% of respondents perceived there would be some kind of risk to their businesses if the UK was to leave the EU. 

Please see here for the full results on this survey