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Mobilise Exeter!

By June 23, 2016January 26th, 2021Member News & Updates

Exeter based companies could be missing online business opportunities and sales because their websites aren’t fully accessible through mobile devices, so Rokk Media have launched a new campaign called ‘Mobilise Exeter!’ to help.

In 2015, Google introduced its Mobilegeddon’ update, since then Google has set out to penalise websites that aren’t mobile friendly over websites that are optimised across all mobile devices; therefore this could mean that your website ranking is lower than your competitors whose websites may already be ‘mobile friendly’. Make sure that when it comes to building a new website, it packs a punch and it gets the mobile friendly Google experience!

We’re now living in a world where mobile devices – smartphones and tablets – are the number one choice when it comes to accessing the Internet. In fact, 1.2 billion people every day are using their mobile devices to access and use the Internet so it’s important that your website is ‘mobile friendly’, and unfortunately many websites today aren’t optimised.

Making your website mobile friendly, or ‘optimised for mobile’ simply means making sure that the features and functionality of your website can be seen, are clearly signposted and used through any mobile device like a smartphone or tablet. If your website isn’t ‘mobile friendly’, a visitor to your website may not be able to appreciate the full value of your business or may not even be able to contact you directly from calls to action.

Making sure that your website is optimised for mobile is essential, especially if you count on the Internet to bring you new opportunities and sales, so as part of our ‘Mobilise Exeter’ campaign, we want to help Exeter based businesses get more from their websites and business objectives. The Rokk Media team are offering free consultations to any business with a website that isn’t mobile friendly.

We’ve worked with clients as diverse as the Exeter Chiefs, Exeter City Council, Devon County Council, Otter Nurseries and the Rugby World Cup in 2015  as well as a number of small businesses within the local area; Rokk Media are well placed to provide the relevant experience when it comes to getting your online presence right.

To find out more, or to arrange a free consultation with one of our consultants at Rokk Media, please get in touch with us or call 01392 424300