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Geo-referencing tech firm scoops major new contract

By July 20, 2016January 26th, 2021Member News & Updates

Exeter-based RouteShoot Limited has secured a new 12-month contract to deliver GPS and video capturing software for road safety inspections in Scotland, a contract that will see them collect 372,000km of video footage – the equivalent of a trip to the moon.

RouteShoot has secured this major new contract from Performance Audit Group in Glasgow, also known as PAGPlus, thanks to the RouteShoot’s extensive knowledge and expertise of GPS and video capturing via smart phones or tablets.

The contract will see RouteShoot providing a cloud-hosted video and mapping content management system for safety patrols and route inspections to PAGplus, who deliver detailed road audits and monitoring on behalf of Transport Scotland to monitor contractor performance.

All trunk roads and motorways in Scotland are maintained by just four operating companies and the Forth Bridges Unit, all contracted to Transport Scotland. As a result of this new contract with PAGplus, all operating companies will soon be using RouteShoot’s video platform to record all inspection and surveying activities.

RouteShoot, based at the Exeter Science Park Centre, has developed unique software that enables users to capture video footage enhanced with GPS using just a smartphone or tablet attached to the dashboard of a vehicle, as well as allowing staff to share their geo-referenced video with colleagues, customers and other stakeholders.

The technology uses near real-time fully integrated recording software, which creates a version of events very similar to Google Street View, using the GPS information recorded within the device including distance, bearing, altitude and speed attributes. The product will be used to allow field staff to plan and monitor traffic management, assess asset quantities and locations, or identify potential hazards.

PAGplus carried out wide-reaching research into GPS video capture solutions, including the evaluation of dashboard cameras which were fitted into all Field Engineers’ vehicles.

The team recognised the value in using video with GPS to capture route inspections to enhance their work of improving and maintaining road safety, reducing carbon emissions and evidence gathering.

However, the team found that significant improvements and advanced innovations were available through the use of RouteShoot software.  Routeshoot’s innovative approach to delivering video and GPS tracks using just cloud servers and smartphones was seen as a major benefit both in terms of cost and ease of use.

Gary Wilson, founder and Managing Director of RouteShoot Limited, said: “Our new customer win with PAGplus and Transport Scotland underlines our position as the market leader in the provision of geo-referenced video solutions.  I am extremely proud of all the efforts that our team based in Exeter have made to secure this prestigious commission.  It is an exciting opportunity to be working with Transport Scotland and PAGplus to ensure that every Trunk Road and Motorway in Scotland has regular video coverage.”

PAGplus joins a growing client list at RouteShoot, that already includes The World Bank, Shell Oil, Premier Utility Services and Dorset County Council.

Councillor Rosie Denham, Lead Councillor for Economy and Culture, said: “RouteShoot are a fine example of an exciting Exeter-based company with an international client base. Their innovative technology is world class, and we are thrilled to have them at the Exeter Science Park Centre where they are working alongside a variety of science and technology based tenants. This new contract with PAGplus in Glasgow is a great example of large UK-based businesses investing in the Exeter economy. It’s another string to RouteShoot’s bow and we are extremely excited to see the results.”

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