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International security and risk management specialists secure space at the Exeter Science Park Centre

By August 11, 2016January 26th, 2021Member News & Updates

International risk management specialists, Edson Tiger, have secured space at the Exeter Science Park Centre to make the most of collaboration and innovation opportunities.


Edson Tiger work across the globe, informing and protecting people, organisations and communities in high risk locations and challenging environments.


The team, made up of former military, intelligence and security experts, provide a range of risk management advisory and protective services, including specialist technology for on the ground support and personnel training, tracking software and communications equipment.


The security experts have developed their own online intelligent training packages and software that help their clients prepare for security threats within a defined location. The company is also looking into the area of predictive analytics to help support travel management platforms.


Since moving to the Centre, they are also in the process of developing a new app that would be bespoke for each user, providing information, recommendations and interactive policies and procedures.


David Curran, Director of Edson Tiger, said the move to the Science Park comes as their industry shifts to rely more heavily on science and technology. He explains: “Technology has changed the nature of the threat for many businesses and organisations. Criminals and terrorists now work in different ways, exploiting technology to steal data, locate people or to plan attacks and significant crimes. However, technology has also enabled us to work more efficiently and effectively.


He continued: “We can use technology to our advantage too, using GPS, remote tracking and satellite networks to manage risks. We can overlay locations and use real time data with digital mapping and imagery to pinpoint people, vehicles and events. This means that we can help people stay out of dangerous situations and keep people on safe routes to avoid threats. We use all of this technology to help educate communities across the world and help them better understand the environments they work in.”

The staff at Edson Tiger have already started collaborating with other organisations at the Science Park Centre in order to develop some of their concepts.


David said: “Being here at the Science Park will no doubt act as a catalyst, helping us to expand on some of our ideas. We want to use the knowledge and expertise of the other tenants here to build on our own and come up with unique software that will reinforce our position as market leaders. We are surrounded by a diverse range of businesses, all with the same ambition as us – to come up with bigger, better and bolder ideas to continue growth.”


David’s vision for the future sees Edson Tiger expand into its own office space on the Park. He said: “We want to grow alongside the Science Park. We are in a position now where we are ready to take on more staff. We always try to employ from the local talent pool and we always have a wealth of people in and around Exeter with all skills and experience we need. It’s the ideal place for us to be based, not only for recruitment, as people want to work here, but because it’s accessible. Our clients are based all over the world and our staff travel all over the world, so being right next to Exeter Airport has huge benefits for us.”


Director of the Science Park Centre, Dr Robin Jackson said: “Edson Tiger have been quick to take advantage of all of the facilities we have on offer here at the Centre. They have been hosting security training and briefings in our seminar rooms and have had visitors from across the world coming to visit them. Technology and data analytics plays a vital role in their business and in helping to keep people safe. The relationships they have built with fellow tenants have already proved a success and it’s great to see their business flourish here on the Science Park.”


The building of the Science Park Centre has been made possible with shareholder equity from Devon County Council, East Devon District Council, Exeter City Council, the University of Exeter; the Heart of the South West LEP which committed £4.5m loan from the Growing Places Fund; and a £1 million grant from the Regional Growth Fund.


For more information about the Exeter Science Park Centre visit, call 01392 722 226 or follow the Exeter Science Park on Twitter @ExeterSciencePk.


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