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Exeter businesses buy local for all the right reasons

By August 24, 2016January 26th, 2021Member News & Updates

In today’s digital age, where products are readily available from across the globe at the click of a button, a recent survey has revealed that 92% of businesses based in and around Exeter believe it to be of the utmost importance to buy from local suppliers, as opposed to just 81% in the rest of the UK.

The survey, commissioned by Signs Express (Exeter), collated answers from over 1,000 business decision makers across the UK to discover their attitudes towards purchasing and the vital importance of local expertise when deciding upon suppliers.

Marion Baxter-Sibley, co-owner of Signs Express (Exeter) based on Matford Park Road, said: “The survey results just go to show the commitment of Exeter businesses to the local area, indeed 68% of businesses stated that ‘if I believe I am getting good value and service, price is not the most important factor’. Therefore, despite the convenience and low prices that are offered from online platforms, businesses in and around Exeter still choose quality local products and expertise.”

The research revealed that businesses based in and around Exeter are the strongest believers in buying locally to help the region’s economy, with 57% choosing this as the reason, whilst only 49% of the rest of the UK chose this as the best reason to purchase local products. Business decision makers in Exeter are also strong believers in supporting others who play a positive role in the local region and the ease with which local suppliers can respond, thus also reducing their project’s carbon footprint.

The other purpose of the survey was to discover what roles signage still plays in company’s marketing strategies and despite the increasing reliance on digital advertising, 87% of Exeter businesses considered signs, graphics and displays an important part of their marketing activity. In fact, exterior signage was named as the second most important resource to purchase when starting a business, coming second only to investment in a website. 

Marion Baxter-Sibley concluded: “The signs and graphics industry has formed a fundamental part of commerce and trade for centuries and this survey has shown that it continues to do so. The survey also revealed that our customers at Signs Express (Exeter) would not only use our services again, but would also recommend us to others. An incredible 99% of participants in and around Exeter would highly endorse our services and products, so we are immensely pleased that our hard work has paid off.”

Signs Express (Exeter) are your local experts in all things signs and graphics, for more information about the survey results or to find out more about Signs Express, please visit