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Update on the Fire Recovery

By November 3, 2016January 26th, 2021Local Authority News, Member News & Updates

Our staff have been working around the clock, helping residents and businesses affected by the fire and the resulting cordons in the city centre.

Economy unit staff have been helping out on site, talking to some 200-plus businesses and partners in order to get them back on their feet and open once again

The Communications unit set up a closed Facebook page to allow information to be shared with all those effected by the upheaval.

A Historic Exeter Fire Appeal was also set up, allowing members of the public to donate money towards helping the recovery and restoration of the historic area and those businesses affected by the fire as Christmas approaches.

Donations to the fund currently stand at £4,375. The official Historic Exeter Fire Appeal was launched by the Devon Community Foundation in partnership with Exeter City Council and Exeter CVS.

On Friday morning, the City Council will be running a business recovery meeting along with its partners to assist businesses within cordon during closure and to help with redundancies.

Staff have also been working hard to ensure the Christmas Market on the Cathedral Green goes ahead despite the events of the past week. After days of negotiations with safety advisors it has been announced that the popular market will go ahead as planned with a slightly revised layout. The Market will run from Saturday 17 November until 18 December.

The message is 'Exeter remains open' despite the events of the last week and staff from the Council's City Marketing department have been working tirelessly alongside those in the Communications department to pump out these messages and assist with other city centre events like the Remembrance Parade, ensuring that they still go ahead in some shape or form despite the upheaval.    

Meanwhile, staff have been out talking to businesses and helping businesses to relocate. The council has worked with more than 200 businesses, along with a host of partners since last week, to get them open again.

Offers of help have been pouring in from businesses across the city, offering everything from office space to business support and advice.

We have been helping to make the site safe without losing heritage. This has involved recovery of historic and prominent artefacts for future restoration.

The council has been working with the demolition contractor to protect historic resources, as well as with Historic England and other key stakeholders.

We continue to ensure ensuring safety of the site, through managing the cordons, and remain actively engaged in business support, promoting events and continuing the recovery.

Exeter MP Ben Bradshaw will visit staff on Friday to discuss the progress that has been made.

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