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Exeter Law firm launches new service for businesses in Devon and Cornwall

By December 22, 2016January 26th, 2021Member News & Updates

Probert Legal, which has offices in Exeter and Cornwall, has launched a new clinic service to help businesses get to grips with new data protection laws coming into force in May 2018.

The new General Data Protection Regulation will replace the Data Protection Act and demands a comprehensive new approach by all businesses, with significant fines for non-compliance.

As it will take considerable planning for most businesses to get prepared, Probert Legal have launched a clinic service, which includes a detailed review of what your own business will need to do to comply with the new legislation.

The clinic is run by data protection expert, solicitor Tracey Wakelam, and can take place at your own premises.

Tracey says: “This is one of the most important new pieces of legislation to affect businesses for decades.  It is the first overhaul of data protection law since the Data Protection Act in 1998. Thousands of businesses in Devon and Cornwall are making use of customer data for marketing and other purposes and I am concerned that many of these could be at risk unless they get up to speed.  It is vital that all businesses get geared up in good time as the fines could run into millions of pounds.  A significant legal change of this kind can be daunting so we have launched this new clinic to make it as easy as possible for businesses to take the first steps and ensure they continue to operate within the law.

Probert Legal has also launched a video outlining essential steps for businesses to take which can be found on their website


Tracey continues: “The GDPR has particular significance for software companies, which previously did not have their own responsibilities under the Data Protection Act. Such companies will find that under the new legislation they will be expected to put into place security to protect the information of clients using their services, keep records of information that they hold and breach of these responsibilities could lead to substantial fines.”


Chris Netherton, MD of South West based business, Microtest,  a national leader in IT systems for GP surgeries, says: “It is imperative to stay ahead of these huge changes to data protection regulation and forward thinking initiatives such as this will be a big help to local businesses.”


To arrange your GDPR clinic, which costs £250 + VAT, email Tracey Wakelam at [email protected]