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Stoke Hill Infant and Nursery School – Our big plans for a pod

By January 10, 2017January 26th, 2021Member News & Updates

We are embarking on a challenge this term. We need a new community room and someone has suggested a pod. We love the look of them so now need to fundraise hard.  It’ll be a small self-contained structure at the front of school for use by parents/carers, visiting services and the local community.

We have a large, elderly school built in 1953. Our building is used to capacity for teaching and learning. We need an additional safe, quiet and welcoming space in close proximity to the school for more parent and community orientated use. The school has a high percentage of families with English as an additional language (EAL) 17%, and there is a need for our EAL families to meet in cultural groups for information sharing, family-to-family support, access to services such as the school nurse and a free inviting place to use to meet. All kinds of families can be reluctant to enter the school for one reason or another, we think a well sited ‘pod’ will be more inviting and less like a ‘school institution’ and so connect and welcome this vulnerable group. Parent/extended family/local groups can meet informally or by arrangement strengthening the community though living and learning together Community and school groups could access the area through the school holidays to maintain support networks especially for vulnerable families. There remain families that find entering the school challenging and are what can be called ‘hard-to-reach’.  These families do not access the information and advice needed to fully support their child’s education. A safe space near the main building would enable adults, in time, to feel more positive about the school and education which is likely to promote engagement with the education of their child, improved learning outcomes and a stronger connection with the local community.

We think this will cost us about £14750 made up as groundworks £2000, POD £12,000 and furnishings £750.

If any members feel they could help us with our project we would love to hear from you.


Carol Finning

Business Manager

Tel 01392 667836