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The New Year’s Resolution every office should make!

By January 12, 2017January 26th, 2021Member News & Updates

If someone said to you that you could achieve up to 40% reduction in absenteeism and get eight times more focus from your staff you’d be interested wouldn’t you? If you were also told that this could all be achieved for free, you’d definitely be reading on. Now add to the mix the fact that what is undeniably good for your business is also good for your staff then it surely has to be a no brainer.


And what is this golden opportunity that is both good for staff and good for the business? It’s a simple walk. When it is embedded into everyday behaviour, it can have significant health and wellbeing benefits. Active Devon are encouraging businesses to make a new year’s resolution for the workplace and have got the perfect way to get started.


The Big Devon March is a Devon-wide walking campaign that is being run by Active Devon on behalf of Devon County Council, with funding awarded by the Department for Transport’s Sustainable Travel Transition Fund. It is specifically designed to help employers to take their first steps to getting everyone in their office more active in simple, achievable and free ways.

The Big Devon March is a month long business-focused campaign that promotes the benefits of walking taking place in the lead up to, and during March. Campaign packs are available for businesses wishing to find out how to get their office involved and there are lots of goodies and prizes on offer, all completely free.

“There are so many simple ways to walk more every day” said Scott Kendall from Active Devon. “Our campaign packs are great fun and include lots of walking ideas for your staff. It’s not even all about the physical health. Having time to walk can help you manage stress. Catching up with colleagues away from the desk is fun and you’ll all benefit from the fresh air. And that doesn’t even get started on the carbon footprint offsets that can be attributed to your workplace”.


By joining the Big Devon March you will get access to a free online platform for logging activity where you can compete against other businesses to reach the top of the leaderboard. Active Devon are offering walk leader training for a nominated ‘workplace champion’ to help sustain healthy lifestyle in the long term. The online platform also gives regular nudges, tips and advice to encourage staff to be active as well as incentives and competitions throughout the month to keep everyone on their toes.


The campaign is completely free to join and forms part of a wider active workplace offer for those businesses that would like to continue to engage their staff in simple, fun and sociable ways of being more active during their daily lives. There are also lots of goodies on offer to businesses that sign up, including T shirts, high visibility jackets, selfie sticks for those all-important team photos, fitness trackers as well as promotional materials to share amongst colleagues.

A number of businesses have already signed up and are ready to march to the top of the leaderboard. Make your business a healthy environment and  #MarchWithUs during the Big Devon March. If you’d like to join in contact [email protected] or call 01392 925150.