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Developing a Productivity Plan for the HotSW area – sharing the facts and the start of the consultation

“Since the publication of our Strategic Economic Plan, Government has rightly turned its attention to the challenge of productivity. It recently published the ‘Building Our Industrial Strategy’ green paper 1, and we need to be able to articulate clearly our local aspirations.”


Thus, together we are developing a Productivity Plan.  This first phase is to ask whether the Partnership is considering the right challenges and the responses will help to shape the draft plan.  At this stage the Partnership is not setting out proposals; these will be done at the next phase from spring.  During this period the Devolution partnership will also be gathering and publishing additional evidence to build a comprehensive picture.


To find out more please go to and a summary is below.


“All of the councils in Devon and Somerset, along with the Local Enterprise Partnership, the two National Park Authorities and the three Clinical Commissioning Groups, are working in partnership towards achieving devolution for the Heart of the South West. Following the changes in Government after the EU Referendum, the process of moving towards devolution has slowed. Our devolution bid is fundamentally about addressing the productivity gap between Heart of the South West and the rest of the UK and the work we are now doing targets this.


The Partnership is now developing a Productivity Plan in order to deliver our aspirations. The current consultation sets out the challenges facing the Heart of the South West in some detail. A number of questions are identified and the Partnership wants to hear your thoughts on these points. Please share and discuss this document with your colleagues and through your networks. Please let us have your views by 10 March 2017 by making submissions to [email protected]


The information provided during the engagement process will be used by the Partnership to prepare the Draft Productivity Plan – which will be released by the end of June 2017. There will be a further period of consultation on this paper over the summer with the final Plan expected to be approved in the autumn.”