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The Pitch Factor

By June 15, 2017January 26th, 2021Member News & Updates

Exeter Library

20 June 2017 17:30-18:30


Many brilliant ideas never make it beyond your head. Unless you can pitch them to project teams, investors or developers they will remain ideas. Those who do pitch often fail for the most basic of reasons.


The Pitch Factor is an interactive workshop to help you prepare and practice your pitch and avoid the pitch fails. It will take you through theory, preparation, and practice. 


Come prepared to get involved and pitch on 20 June 17:30-18:30. Book your tickets at:

The Pitch Factor is run by two accredited practitioners of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.


Laura Rose-Baker is a personal development coach. Laura works with individuals and teams to build fulfilling careers, and businesses that reflect their unique values, beliefs and skills. Find out more about Laura and her vision for work at


Joe Baker gets people together. He helps them bring their ideas to life by introducing them to innovative and unusual communications techniques.