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Niggling ducks remind taxpayers to complete Self Assessment before deadline

By January 3, 2018January 26th, 2021Member News & Updates, Why Exeter blog

Quacking ducks employed by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) are enjoying the quiet life after helping remind the UK’s 11.4 million Self Assessment customers to stop ignoring the ‘little niggle’ about completing their tax returns.


The ducks were used for the tax authority’s new campaign, prompting those who need to complete Self Assessment returns to do so before the deadline on 31 January 2018.


Before their retirement the birds were posing for pictures for the new campaign which aims to stop people ignoring the ‘little niggle’ they feel before doing their Self Assessment returns.


After finishing their work for HMRC the ducks now enjoy life in their new home – a bird sanctuary owned by a lover of animals in Oxfordshire.


The ‘niggling’ feeling around doing their tax return is very common for taxpayers. However, with the help of its team of ducks, HMRC hopes to encourage people to stop procrastinating and get it done before the deadline at the end of January.


The campaign featuring the birds is a helpful reminder to ensure people act on the feeling. Taxpayers will soon spot the ducks on billboards and online.


The new imaginary characters will be ever-present throughout the advertising campaign representing the ‘niggling’ feeling customers say they have before doing their tax return.


The ducks quack “tax” in this new campaign to represent the ‘little niggle’.


Those who do need to do their Self Assessments can easily fill out their returns online before January 31 but the deadline for paper returns passed in October.


If customers pay their taxes using their online Personal Tax Account they can also get help with checking their state pension, updating tax credit circumstances, claiming tax refunds, and updating their Marriage Allowance.


Currently 92% of taxpayers already do their returns online and the number continues to grow as more people steer towards the digital option.


Angela MacDonald, HMRC Director General for Customer Services, said: 


“It’s easy to put off doing your Self Assessment, but that tax ‘niggle’ means it’s always on our customers’ minds. With the January 31 deadline edging closer we want to help remind our customers to get it done so they can alleviate that feeling, ensuring they can relax and not have to worry about doing their tax return.”