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Stephens Scown becomes the first business in the UK to install Lightfoot in pool cars

By February 13, 2018January 26th, 2021Member News & Updates, STEMM, Why Exeter blog

Stephens Scown LLP, one of the largest law firms in Devon and Cornwall, has installed Lightfoot in three of its pool cars, in order to reduce emissions and improve its carbon footprint. The firm has been improving its corporate social responsibility and contribution to sustainable development, and is using Lightfoot as a key solution to help achieve this.


Lightfoot encourages a smoother and safer driving style, which in turn reduces emissions and fuel costs. Lightfoot is committed to coaching the driver to be better and it continuously rewards them for doing so. Stephens Scown’s employees are competing in leagues, which help to incentivise and encourage better drivers.


The firm has already begun seeing significant improvements in its fleet – such as reductions in emissions and a drop in fuel costs. Since Lightfoot went live in the pool cars in December, Stephens Scown drivers have already achieved an average score of 88%, with its Exeter based drivers reaching a score of 92%. Lightfoot recognises Elite Drivers as those achieving a score of 85% and above, which brings about benefits such as increased safety, reduced fuel consumption and less vehicle wear and tear.


Jaime Thornton, Office Manager for Stephens Scown in Exeter, commented: “The pool cars are being used every day and it has become a competition between individuals and our three offices to see who will achieve the best score. I’ve noticed that my colleagues are coming back from a drive feeling proud of having achieved such a high score”.


Jaime continued: “It is clear that Lightfoot focuses on the wellbeing of the driver and we have already started to see its benefits, such as improved safety and great cost reductions. We look forward to a continued partnership with Lightfoot as we work to make Stephens Scown even more sustainable.”


Mark Roberts, Managing Director at Lightfoot commented: “Lightfoot is proven to reduce emissions and fuel costs, which helps to create safer, smoother and greener drivers. We are delighted to be working with Stephens Scown to install Lightfoot in their pool cars and help to further reduce our environmental impact.”