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Tilney support South West Growth Service clients to rise up the S Curve

By February 14, 2018January 26th, 2021Member News & Updates

Award winning financial planning and investment company, Tilney, have teamed up with South West Growth Service to offer support to their clients and partners.  Tilney, who boast a heritage of more than 180 years, have an exceptional track record in supporting private individuals, charities, professionals and businesses through financial planning and investment advice.  “With significant expertise across the South West, Tilney have both the capacity and capability we need to support our clients through what we call the S Curve”, said South West Growth Service Director, Chris Lorimer.


“Many of our clients are experiencing the rigours of fast growth which we often describe using the S curve”, said Lorimer. “The business owners often put everything into their business– their financial resources, energy and inspiration.  We are always conscious that throughout the growth phase they need the best advice to protect them from the numerous risks they will encounter.  Whether at start-up or exit, it is invaluable to have Tilney’s expertise at hand”.


Mark Wilkins, Managing Partner of Tilney Financial Planning, said, “We are absolutely delighted to be working with South West Growth Service and can see we will have an important role in supporting their clients and other partners.


We work with many professional partners both as private individuals and corporate entities covering areas such as:


  • Exit strategies
  • Effective wealth extraction
  • Why protecting your business wealth matters
  • Understanding the risks you face in running your own business
  • Why so many businesses fail and what are the unknowns
  • How you can protect yourself, your business and your family
  • How can you tax efficiently ensure the success of your business
  • How you can improve the chances of continuity


We also cover specialist niche areas such as tax led planning and dealing with US connected parties.


We look forward to working with South West Growth Service.”


For more information about this partnership, please contact Chris Lorimer, Director, South West Growth Service at [email protected]


For information about Tilney in the South West contact Mark Wilkins, Managing Partner at [email protected] or Lee Harris, Financial Planner at [email protected]