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One Planet MBA Consultancy Projects

By March 12, 2018January 26th, 2021Member News & Updates, Why Exeter blog

One Planet MBA Consultancy Projects enable businesses to benefit from our talented, international professionals participating in a forward-looking, cutting edge accredited MBA. 

Each of our MBA participants has the capability to bring innovative business thinking to your organisation.

How does it work?

January – February

Through January and February, you will have the opportunity to provide a project; this can be in the form of a business challenge or idea.  The deadline for submission is 21 February 2018 and you can do so using this template: Project brief template

At the end of February, participants who have expressed an interest in your project will be shortlisted and introduced to you.  This is a rigorous two-way process, resulting in your selection of a participant by mid-March.

March – April Upon selection, the participant will work with you to agree the scope of the project.
May – July

The participant will conduct their consultancy project with you. We expect the participant to engage fully with you during the process. This is likely to include meetings at the start to launch the project, during the project (ie progress meetings) and at the end (for a presentation or delivery of desired output).

The participant will submit their final 10,000 word project at the end of August.

August Your review of the participant and their professionalism is essential. We will be asking you to complete a one page scoring sheet, with the opportunity for additional comments if required.

What has been done in the past?

  • Crossing the chasm – an exploratory case study of the critical success factors of a fintech startup.
  • Multi-function devices in a circular economy.
  • Innovation in the legal services sector.
  • Embedding environmental responsibility within a supply chain.
  • Using social technologies to streamline communications and increase employee engagement in the digital workplace.
  • Machine learning and the Internet of Things.

What costs are involved?

Costs will depend on the project and are negotiated accordingly. All out of pocket expenses incurred by the MBA participant are covered by the organisation, including travel, phone calls, photocopying, etc.

As part of the project process MBA participants will develop a formal project scope, which will include an estimate of costs. All project costs will be agreed with the client before they are incurred.

Clients should settle the costs directly with the MBA participants (against receipts). In some cases, the nature or extent of the work may justify additional payment, salary, or other compensation. This might be the case if an MBA participant is required to work full-time on the organisation's premises, as well as fulfilling their project, or where an MBA participant's expertise and experience is such that it will add considerable value to the project outcome and benefit to the organisation.

Is the work kept confidential?

If you wish the information collected by the MBA participant during the course of the project, and the final report itself, to be treated in confidence, you can ask the MBA participant to sign a non-disclosure agreement. The report will, however, need to be read and assessed by Business School faculty and an external examiner, but beyond this the content will not be disclosed.

A top MBA from a Russell Group University

The One Planet MBA is a partnership between the University of Exeter Business School and leading global and other progressive organisations. Award-winning, accredited and world-leading, the programme is designed for professionals and aspiring leaders who wish to leverage their strengths, acquire new knowledge, update their skills, and develop a worldly mindset to transform themselves and benefit from new opportunities.

Every year the One Planet MBA attracts participants from more than 20 countries with significant and diverse professional experience. MBA participants can change themselves, redirect their career, develop into senior leadership roles, and – above all – contribute their innovative thinking to organisations.  To find out more about the current cohort of MBA participants, please read the One Planet MBA Global Talent Book 2018.