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Exeter Science Park learns the secrets to the perfect business pitch

By April 5, 2018January 26th, 2021Member News & Updates, Why Exeter blog

Visitors to Exeter Science Park have been learning how to deliver a pitch perfect presentation in the latest of a series of events deigned to up-skill the South West business community.

Taking inspiration from the stage, Exeter Northcott Theatre’s Artistic and Executive Director, Paul Jepson, revealed the techniques and skills that can help you to keep your audience engaged.

Paul explained: “My two top tips for getting a standing ovation are to be prepared to go for it and to have good technique. You need vocal technique, you need to understand the basics of speech writing and you need to have a good connection between your voice and your body.

“You also need to know how to use your body. If you’re really to understand physicality, you have to understand what gesture means and how to engage with it. You have to have an ability to be present in your body as you speak; for your body to be working with you as opposed to what can happen where the body is not really connected to the thought energy.”

Since his appointment in 2015, Paul has been credited with Exeter Northcott Theatre’s success, with its programme size, audience numbers and sales figures now on the rise.

In 2017, the theatre introduced a coaching arm to its business offering, which has included training new lecturers at the university to be effective public speakers, helping them with their speech writing, pitching skills and achieving status in front of an audience.

Paul continued: “Theatre can teach rather a lot with communications. In theatre we deal with two things that are very useful; the text and the acting – and this is how people can start to understand more about delivery. So, both through the work that we do on text and the work we do on delivery, there are a significant number of transferrable skills.”

Dr Sally Basker, CEO of Exeter Science Park, said: “Public speaking, pitching and presenting are all key skills in a business environment, so we were keen to provide a platform to help our clients and members to improve these skills.

“As well as the space available here at Exeter Science Park, we also offer our clients the support and skills for success, and this year’s series of presentations has been designed to do just that.”

The STEMM Cell @ Exeter Science Park will return in Autumn 2018, with a new line up of speakers designed to will inspire knowledge and improve key skills.

The Science Park Centre has event space for hire suitable for up to 40 people in theatre style or 20 people in boardroom style. The Exeter Science Park café is also open to the public and is a perfect location for informal meetings.

For more information, visit or contact the team on 01392 249222.