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Cosmic due to host training session on the new GDPR laws

By April 18, 2018January 26th, 2021Member News & Updates

By popular demand, Cosmic will be hosting an afternoon training session on the key points of the new GDPR laws coming in to effect in May. The session will guide attendees through the practical steps that they can take to move towards compliance.

GDPR applies to all organisations, however big or small. At this half-day workshop you’ll learn about the principles of GDPR and start to develop your practical 6-point plan for getting your organisation safe, secure and compliant.

This session will be delivered by Kate Doodson, joint CEO of Cosmic, the award-winning social enterprise.

During the session we will cover:

o Principles of GDPR
o Data reviews
o Identifying data types
o Planning data
o Data cleansing
o Data storage
o Data breach plan
o Q and A

This £35 workshop is for organisations and businesses seeking guidance on the new laws and how they apply. We provide practical guidance and advice on the steps that can be taken towards achieving compliance. This does not constitute legal advice.

The session is in Honiton on the 26th of April at 2pm.

More information is available here: