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Drive Creative Studio creates dynamic branding for South West Dancing campaign

By June 20, 2018January 26th, 2021Member News & Updates


Drive Creative Studio recently completed the dynamic branding for the South West Dancing campaign, which was initiated to celebrate the vibrant dance community and abundance of dance-related activities and events that take place in the South West region. Drive’s brief was to create a simple fresh identity with an eye-catching logo and toolkit of elements – this would form an energetic brand scheme that could be used on social media by multiple South West-based dance companies and institutions.


The new identity needed to be appropriate for a wide range of audiences and all types of dance. The aim: to raise the profile of dancing in the South West in order to increase awareness among the general public, including the benefits that this stimulating activity can bring to individuals and communities, with the potential of attracting funding.


The exciting, fast-track brand exercise was completed over two days with five potential visual routes established, emphasising design versatility, inclusiveness and bright colours. The resulting vibrant identity hinges on placing a focus or spotlight on various elements in the accompanying image – with a strong wordmark that can sit next to other institution logos without overwhelming them.


You can read more about the project on our website: