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Daisi – Enterprise Development Consultant

By July 4, 2018January 26th, 2021Member News & Updates

How to Apply – Daisi – Enterprise Development Consultant


Your application should be in two parts, and no more than 4 sides of A4 in total.

Part 1 – Your CV: please create this with reference to the Person Specification

Part 2 – A covering letter saying why you are interested in the post, why you are suitable for it and what you would bring to it


Please send your application to be received by Daisi by 4pm on Monday 23rd July 2018, stating where you saw the job advertised.


By post:Daisi Administrator Cath Burnett, Daisi, Exeter Library, Castle Street, Exeter, EX4 3PQ

By email:[email protected]


Interviews will be held in Exeter during week beginning 30th July 2018.

Further Information

Daisi:  Putting artistic and cultural experience at the heart of young people’s lives and learning.

Daisi develops the creativity of young people by enriching their experience of the arts and works closely with teachers and youth leaders, governors, artists, young people, and other cultural organisations to strengthen the relationship between the arts and education sectors. 


Through engagement with Daisi,

  • teachers and youth leaders increase their capability to facilitate high quality, diverse, young people’s arts opportunities 
  • more vulnerable young people have arts experiences which support and improve their personal and social skills and confidence
  • professional artists collaborate, and develop their practice to be increasingly equipped to meet the needs of diverse young people's arts engagement 
  • young people have positive artistic and creative experiences 
  • and our partners enhance the achievement of their own objectives, such as: a school enriching their curriculum; a heritage property engaging more deeply with audiences; a housing setting supporting their young people’s employability through working alongside a positive artist role model; a disabled children's group progressing in leading their own new activities; or a cluster of organisations such as schools and cultural organisations experiencing collaborative, outcomes-led project design.


“We made bird houses and bug hotels. We made them all out of recycled wood, metal and plastic. The best part of the day was building the stuff because when I'm older I'm going to be a builder. It was one of the best days of my life so far. My team made a bug house. I learnt a lot of stuff. I learnt that your imagination can turn something into anything. I even learnt how to use tools! I had a lovely time.” Alex


“I’ve loved it. I would love to do more and one day lead these kind of sessions myself. I love crafts. It makes me feel better.” Young mum, Westwood Supported Housing, Torquay


“[The music training was] a fun and practical way to evaluate your own practice and develop new ideas.” Teacher, Early Years Foundation Stage


Daisi engages with the wider public, and with business, in order to find relationships that can support our work and extend our advocacy reach, and actively seeks cross-sector partnerships (such as with health, heritage, and social care) through which we can promote the positive benefit of arts engagement on outcomes for young people and their communities.


Daisi initiates, supports and encourages creativity through the arts with young people and their communities, in and out of school.  It arranges arts education projects in Devon and Torbay, including workshops, professional development, conferences, resources, exhibitions, networking opportunities, and events.  It is a small, friendly, well-respected organisation which has access to a large network of quality artists and partnerships. 


To give a sense of our scale, in financial year 2017-18 Daisi worked with 6,325 young people (out of whom 1,202 were more vulnerable young people), and in 7 out of the 8 Devon district areas, plus Torbay.  We engaged 55 local, professional artists to lead these arts participation sessions, and worked in partnership with 62 other organisations including those in the heritage, environment, and youth sectors.  288 teachers and leaders from the formal and non-formal education sectors engaged in planning and supporting Daisi workshops, professional development, and networking events. 


In the same year, Daisi's income profile was 59% public income, 28% earned income, and 13% private income.  Our Business Plan objectives include increasing the earned and private income percentages over the coming four years.  Daisi's turnover varies from year to year according to our programme, but overall shows an increase of 78% from 2005 (£187,500) to the projected 2019 position (£334,000).   With a mainly project-based portfolio, Daisi is working through a strategy to re-balance our business model to include higher levels of predictable income, which will support longer-term planning and underpin our ambitions.  Initiatives that we are pursuing to achieve this include: increasing our capacity to achieve private giving income, for which we are delighted to have secured an ACE Catalyst grant in 2018-19 which will spearhead that development; and the new development of products from research and development projects such as ArtEffect and Machina (see below), which will enable more young people to benefit from the collaborative learning of these projects in an ongoing way, beyond the life of the funded project itself.  Significant product development has already taken place, and we are now looking to hone the product design and take them to market, which might include, for example: schools and school alliances (e.g. Federations, Multi Academy Trusts); youth services; health and social care organisations and commissioners; cultural sector organisations.  Daisi is a registered charity and does not have a trading subsidiary.


Daisi's current programme includes:

  • being a Youth Music grant holder 2018-22 for our project Soundwaves, as one of the 13 organisations making up the Alliance for a Musically Inclusive England.  Soundwaves is about increasing access to the transformative power of music for children and young people most in need 
  • Re-boot enables young people and community groups to learn about and publically share layers of Exeter's history through digital art, and a second Heritage Lottery Fund supported project Greenway Imagined, creates opportunity for diverse groups of young people in South Devon to engage with Devon’s WW1 commemorations 
  • Supported by the Bridge SW Challenge Fund Branchline brings social care, play, and arts organisations together to create new, sustainable routes in to creative health and wellbeing for learning disabled young people 
  • Daisi's ArtEffect co-designed models for supportive engagement, through creative workshop, with young people in schools who are experiencing mental health issues
  • Machina explores how young-people-led digital arts practice can flourish, including connecting progression routes, and engaging with museum collections as inspiration
  • Daisi was the lead organisation for the consortium delivering Devon County Council's arts participation commission 2012-15 arts wave devon, enhancing wellbeing through creative arts (with older people, young people, and disabled people)
  • Daisi is leading on Devon's Cultural Education Partnership, which is about cultural organisations, educational institutions, and local authorities coming together to drive a joined-up art and cultural offer locally,
  • and Daisi collaborates to deliver Devon’s annual Art Teachers Conference

Daisi is aiming to step up its leadership and capacity over the next four years and we're looking for people with energy and drive to support this.  We have a full and varied work programme to deliver, which means we need people who are able to hit the ground running and who are well practised at involving the right people at the right time to get things done.  We're working hard to tell our impact story better.  We'd love to bring additional experience and high level communication skills to boost our efforts.


The Daisi team currently comprises the Director, Liz Hill, Project Managers Vicky Worthy, Ruth Cohen, and Rae Hoole, Administrator Cath Burnett, and Finance Officer Julia Brightwell.  Most roles are part time.  We expect to have our second Apprentice in place in Autumn 2018, and we are currently working with 2 ongoing volunteers as well as larger numbers of event-based volunteers.  We are therefore a core team of 6, who adapt to the dynamic and fast paced arts and education landscape.  There are 15 Daisi Trustees and 3 Advisers, all experienced and active members of the arts, education, culture and business community.  Daisi works in partnership with our network of 100 registered artists from across a full range of art forms. 


We are a small team, but successful delivery requires excellent work with a wide network of partners.  Interpersonal relations and commitment to arts in education are key to our credibility.  We are ourselves a learning organisation – sharing knowledge and experience within the team is important to us and to the longer term sustainability of our work.


For further information about Daisi please visit, see Daisi's Twitter feed, or search for @Daisi.Devon in Facebook or Messenger to find our page easily. 


Thank you for your interest in Daisi, and we look forward to hearing from you.