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By September 4, 2018January 26th, 2021Member News & Updates, Transport, Why Exeter blog


Harry’s Restaurant brought cosy, casual dining to Exeter’s foodie scene for the last 25 years. But what will its new, refurbished incarnation bring?

Harry’s closed its doors this week for a grand refurbishment but plans on reopening as soon as 8th September. The gothic style building on Longbrook Street is currently in the hands of high-quality craftsman, builders and designers who share a passion for attention to detail. The outcome will be a fresh and timeless design that retains the warm and inviting atmosphere which diners have enjoyed since the restaurant opened in 1993.

Chef Proprietor, Samantha Pounds says: “This year marks the 25th year Harry’s has been open so, we thought, what better way of marking the occasion and celebrating than to pour some love into the old building. Last year, we welcomed more than 34,000 people through our doors, which can take its toll on any establishment. It has served us so well for the last 25 years that by investing in a well thought out refurbishment, we’ll be able to offer our guests an even better experience when they visit.”

When asked about the new design, Samantha commented: “For us, it’s not about being on trend or becoming the next groundbreaking glamorous restaurant, instead, it’s about us being able to offer more comfort to our guests. We want to make the most of the incredible building, and at the same time, provide somewhere entirely lovely to come out with family, friends or colleagues. With the support of our amazing guests, this will help ensure we’re around for the next 25 years!”

The new design will include features such as curated historical images of Exeter, a brand new bar area and comfortable banquet seating. Inspired by the beauty of the building, space and architecture, the materials sourced are expected to include marble, wood and brick which will be sympathetic to the existing shell while adding a contemporary and timeless feel to the inside.

The refurbishment will be unveiled on Saturday 8th September 2018.