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Devon’s Biggest Walking Challenge – Big Devon March

By February 26, 2019January 26th, 2021Member News & Updates

Devon’s Biggest Walking Challenge – Join the Big Devon March

Walking is the simplest and easiest way to fit more activity into your everyday routine. Helping you to stay healthy, stay productive, burn calories and feel great!  

Make March the month that you add more walking into your day and feel the great benefits of being more active. Join The Big Devon March today and sign up your organisation.  

Why take part?  

  • Compete against other workplaces in Devon and win prizes 
  • Feel benefits of being more productive, creative and active 
  • Follow the lead of some of the most trendy and successful organisations in the world, where things like walking meetings and standing desks are the norm  

What is the Big Devon March 

The Big Devon March is a month-long challenge to see how many steps you (as an individual) and your company can do. It’s all about participation and everyone can join in. Track your company total steps and you will get the opportunity to climb the leader boards and win prizes. 

Here is what people have said about the Big Devon March (Campaign participants 2017 and 2018): 

  • “Increased productivity levels within our day” 
  • “People have engaged much more with their colleagues” 
  • “Felt less stressed”  
  • “Team cohesion has improved!” 

Big Devon March 2019 Sign Up Process:

Step 1: Sign up at create your profile and select Big Devon March 2019

Step 2: Select Challenges tab and then Big Devon March Challenge

Step 3: Add your team using your company name/ or view teams to join an existing team, invite colleagues to join

Step 4: Start counting steps and check out the leader board from the 1st of March!

If you have any issues/questions please get in touch via [email protected] or call the office on 01392 925 150. See you all on the leader board!