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Design studio works with charities and university to create important animation for asylum appellants

By May 3, 2019January 26th, 2021Member News & Updates

Exeter-based creative agency Drive Creative Studio Ltd has created a cornerstone animation that finally provides asylum appellants with the crucial information they need before attending a Tribunal hearing in the UK. Previously, there has been a shortage of information available for appellants, who are often fleeing their home country from persecution or violence.

The project required the involvement of various parties, including charities Asylum Aid / Migrants Resource Centre, now Consonant, as well as the professor of Human Geography at the Innovation, Impact and Business department of Exeter University and the Home Office. This video represents a sensitive, comprehensive and valuable resource for asylum appellants with a targeted distribution at lawyers, charities, grassroots support groups and refugee community organisations. It has since also been incorporated into the Refugee Action Asylum Guides and Right to Remain toolkits, which will increase its reach.

The challenge for Drive was to create a suite of unique characters that didn’t represent a single ethnicity or gender yet could express universal emotion and be identifiable from one another. To ensure the video’s often delicate subject matter was well received, there was input at key stages during the video production process from the clients, the Home Office and multiple focus groups of people who had previously been through the asylum appeals process.

With an upbeat tone and positive message, the 13-minute animation will eventually be available for asylum appellants in over 10 languages.


Debora Singer from Asylum Aid commented to Drive Creative Studio:

‘We are very excited about the video here. It’s been a real labour of love on your part and I want to thank you so much for the time and creativity you’ve put into it. I’ve also really appreciated how responsive you’ve been to our feedback. It’s been a pleasure working with you on this.

‘Viewed over a thousand times on YouTube alone, it will help thousands more demystify the appeals process and give appellants a fair chance.’


You can view the entire animation at:


Drive continues to produce an array of creative outputs, from a new website for Kitsons Solicitors, weather app explainer animations for the Met Office and an artist’s video biopic for a Somerset gallery, to branding and advertising for the RAMM and other clients, both local and national.