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Why Exeter Chamber is supporting Venturefest South West

By May 30, 2019January 26th, 2021Member News & Updates, STEMM

Exeter Chamber of Commerce and Exeter Initiative for Science and Technology (ExIST) will be exhibiting at Venturefest South West on 17th June at Sandy Park. The event includes nine Industry Sessions, each with a panel discussion focusing on the key themes of Health, Blockchain, AI and Big Data, Agri Tech, Space and Funding and Start Ups.

Exeter Chamber Board member and Chair of ExIST, Clodagh Murphy explains why Exeter Chamber and ExIST is supporting Venturefest SW.


  • Why is Venturefest SW important to the region?
    There is a huge amount of activity going on in the region, Venturefest is a fantastic event which helps to bring together and promote all of this in one place.So not only is it brilliant for the region to get some sight of all that is going on, it is also a huge opportunity to demonstrate to others outside the region just how vibrant and exciting a place this is for businesses.


  • Why are you supporting Venturefest SW?
    For me, small and medium sized businesses are the life blood of our economy, they create and support so many jobs and in turn families.So, having a Venturefest SW is incredibly important in supporting those growing businesses.


  • What three pieces of advice would you give to a technology innovator?
    Wow, that’s a big question. My three pieces of advice would be:
  1. ​​Focus (and stay focused on what you are innovating).  There is so much we can do with technology and it is great fun inventing and pushing the tech to see what it can do.  But, staying focused on the prize/outcome is a critical part of getting a product to market.
  2. Use a mentor/coach – get all the help you can to help keep you on the right track.  Having someone who will challenge you is incredibly important – it will most likely mean you get a better outcome.
  3. Fail Fast – be prepared to make mistakes and take every learning you can from those experiences.  If you aren’t failing, you aren’t pushing yourself hard enough.  But also, take the time to celebrate success!
  • What tech do you think will have the biggest impact on the region in the future?
    I really like the tech that Lightfoot have developed (helping us drive better, therefore saving money and reducing emissions).But I like it for more than the technology, I like their Breath Exeter activity where they are looking to all of us in the area to invest to save!!We have a growing momentum on the climate crisis and in some ways people are asking, what can I do and this is a super demonstrator of what we can do at individual levels to help.It’s pretty simple technology, but the application of it can make a difference to how we think about the impact we each have. For me, tech is great, but it’s all about the outcomes it drives and how it’s applied for the greater good!!


Clodagh Murphy became chairperson of Exeter Chamber's subgroup ExIST (Exeter Initiative for Science & Technology) in February 2019.

Clodagh has a technology background, as managing director of Eclipse Internet for eight years and more recently working as chief operating officer at IT and Cloud service provider Timico Technology Services in the Midlands.

Venturefest South West will champion the most cutting-edge innovation, technology and entrepreneurship coming out of Devon, Cornwall and Somerset. The June event hopes to bring together small enterprise innovators and entrepreneurs from across the region along with investors on the lookout for emerging talent.

For more information about Venturefest South West and to book tickets, visit: