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Top Up Tap – the Exeter-based project that is trying to reduce plastic waste in our city


TopUpTap is an Exeter-based project that is trying to reduce plastic waste in our city. This involves encouraging people to ask cafés, restaurants and shops to ask for free water refills and for these establishments to advertise this. Our long-term aim is to install a tap in Exeter city centre.
Top Up Tap has been setup by 11 teenagers who will be flooding the streets of Exeter, to spread the message about the impact of single use plastic on our environment and on their futures. As a result of this, they are passionate about finding ways to reduce it, starting with Exeter.
Their objectives are simple; to build a brand that people recognise around high streets and public areas that advertises locations that will happily, proactively offer tap water top ups from their venue, allowing people to top up their refillable water bottle (hopefully TopUp Tap branded) rather than have to buy a plastic bottle of water. They want the brand to become instantly recognisable. They have also got a meeting with Exeter City Council to discuss planning permission for installing drinking taps around the City (hopefully strategically placed outside of the likes of Boots & M&S where so many single use bottled waters are sold) which will again help prevent single use plastic water bottles being purchased. These are amongst many other ideas they have.
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