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Exeter Chamber of Commerce announces new subgroup to represent East of Exeter businesses

By August 28, 2019January 26th, 2021Member News & Updates


Following consultation with attendees of the existing Exeter Airport Business Park Group meetings, Exeter Chamber has made the decision to re-focus and re-name the group to incorporate a wider patch of businesses based outside of the city centre and towards the East of the city.

The new East of Exeter Group will replace the existing Exeter Airport Business Park Group and J29 Business Forum to create one collective forum for businesses to meet.

The group will meet for quarterly events and will be a forum for businesses based in the East of Exeter to share views and have a collective voice when engaging with the local authorities and other organisations. With significant development, both residential and commercial, taking place across this area of Exeter, the group will invite speakers of interest to discuss issues, developments and proposals affecting companies on the Airport Business Park, Sowton Industrial Estate, Exeter Business Park, Exeter Science Park, Skypark and surrounding area. Topics that are scheduled to be covered include infrastructure, highways and transport issues.



Matt Roach, managing director of Exeter Airport and director of Exeter Chamber, will chair the East of Exeter Group. He said: “Since the conception of the subgroup for the Exeter Airport Business Park in 2016, the Chamber has connected over 240 business people in this area of the city, with many businesses finally meeting their neighbours through the group’s events. Many of the topics and issues that are covered affect businesses in a wider geographical area, so the new East of Exeter Group should help to join businesses together and build on wider discussions for improvement. 

“The group will focus on economic, financial and environmental issues and opportunities affecting the area outside of the city centre, providing a networking and lobbying opportunity for businesses with common areas of interest.”

Those interested in finding out more about the group and attending future events should call the Exeter Chamber office on 01392 431133.