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AnTech Holds International CTD Training School

By October 4, 2019January 26th, 2021Member News & Updates

AnTech ran a widely diverse training school in Exeter to provide the practical knowledge of the company’s owned forefront Coiled Tubing Drilling technology.   

AnTech recently held a training school in their global headquarters in Exeter in view of winning two major Coiled Tubing Drilling (CTD) operations in Alaska and Australia. The successful completion of those drilling campaigns is the main goal of the company this year. The effort that AnTech put in the realisation of the training school was a crucial factor in the achievement of that goal.

AnTech gathered at their Exeter headquarters 10 newly hired employees and contractors with the aim of giving them all customised expertise necessary for the successful completion of the scheduled CTD operations. The new staff were trained on the cutting-edge drilling technology designed and manufactured by AnTech in Exeter and the operational aspects of running the directional drilling service that AnTech provides. It was also a great opportunity for our new drilling crew to get to know each other and meet our existing drilling team before the start of the job.

AnTech has always been a global company and proud of the diversity within the company itself. It should then not be a surprise to know that the entire crew attending the training school came from 9 different nationalities and travelled to Exeter from 4 different continents. AnTech is proud of the new team members on board and everyone is looking forward to another successful year of operations around the world.

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