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Tribe update at Flybe Academy’s Networking event

By October 4, 2019January 26th, 2021Member News & Updates

This week Owen Richards, Managing Director of Air Marketing Group, provided a fantastic Tribe update at Flybe Academy’s Networking event. It was brilliant to see so many Tribe partners and sponsors at the event, with Flybe Academy being a sponsor themselves.

Here’s a highlight of what Owen had to say:

“As a business we have the choice to choose an insurance company or a choice to choose where we buy our stationary from, or where we print our stuff from. That impacts their personal life as supporting a small business owner or somebody who is running a business might give them the opportunity to have more income coming in.

At a consumer level, we expect to buy local. The example that I always give is we go to a fish restaurant – we expect to eat local fish. We don’t expect to be given fish from outside of our local community.

Businesses could have that positive impact where they create that new job and where maybe it’s my wife or your brother or your cousin who get that job. It’s a really simple concept which is about supporting the people in the room here today. The people that we know. The people that know the people that we know within the local community.”

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