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Tribe – Friday 22nd November

By November 22, 2019January 26th, 2021Member News & Updates

We were delighted to have Owen Richards, Managing Director of Air Marketing Group, speaking at the Tribe launch event in August. Here’s what he had to say:


“Tribe was this idea, this concept, that happened in a random conversation. We started to formulate that idea and turn it into something. As we did that, we started to reach out to other people. We talked to the Council. We talked to the Chamber. We talked to a number of people in local businesses. I was just amazed by the reaction. People were so positive about the idea and the concept and I was just waiting for somebody to tell me that it wouldn’t work or that there would be things that we would need to think about that might not make it work and it never came. So, we decided to do it and here we are today.


Tribe has one objective. One very, very simple objective which is to get you guys who work in businesses in and around our area of Greater Exeter to use other Exeter businesses. In a consumer market, if you go to a fish restaurant, you expect local fish. If you run a business, why don’t we expect ourselves to use local companies? It’s a strange habit that we have that we expect to use a London marketing agency. Or it’s ok to use a recruitment company in Bristol or whatever is might be. And do you know what? It is but there’s no reason we’re doing that… Why don’t we support our local economy? The economy that creates jobs for our families, friends and children.”


Want to get involved with Tribe? We still need businesses to take our survey to really make a difference. Don’t delay – spend just a few minutes completing it today:


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