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Industry Placements at Exeter College

By January 7, 2020January 26th, 2021Member News & Updates

What are they?

An Industry Placement is a long term meaningful work placement which directly relates to the student’s course and career aspirations

Who can apply?

2nd Year students (17-19-year olds) on an Extended Diploma in Business or IT

How does it work?

  • The overall aim is to complete 315 hours in a relevant industry placement
  • Placement will start October 2019 – June 2020 (Placements can start later than October but must still finish in June 2020)
  • The student will complete the placement one day a week (does not include holidays) with 4 block weeks throughout the year (The 1 block week remaining is the week starting on the 2nd of March)
  • Students will apply for a placement with a CV / Cover Letter demonstrating their energy, enthusiasm and willingness to learn. We encourage placement hosts to hold an interview/meeting with the student before confirming a placement offer


  • This is a great recruitment opportunity for you to build a pipeline of new talent directly from Exeter College
  • Receive £750 per student you take on to help with any additional costs
  • Have the chance to see the students in action before offering potential Apprenticeships, Traineeships or jobs
  • Students will arrive with a good level of knowledge and skills, as well as being eager and ready to work and learn
  • Your employees will have the opportunity to develop their own mentoring and leadership skills
  • You will become an Industry Placement flagship employer of the future
  • You will be supported throughout by the designated Industry Placement Liaison Officer


  • We need employers who are willing to offer relevant, meaningful and purposeful placements
  • The placement must give the student opportunities to develop technical and soft skills throughout
  • It is not mandatory to pay students – however we would encourage you to consider payment or covering travel costs
  • The students will require your time to help support them in their placement and a safe and comfortable place to work
  • If things don’t work out we ask you to inform the college at the earliest opportunity of any problems, if we are unable to resolve the issue you are under no obligation to continue with the placement
  • For a placement to go ahead, the college will complete a Health and Safety Checklist and you will be informed of the College’s Safeguarding Policies and Procedures