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Grow Voices: The Positive Lockdown Project 

By May 1, 2020January 26th, 2021Member News & Updates

Around the world the coronavirus pandemic has been affecting our day to day lives and has redefined what a ‘normal’ day looks like. For many of us, jobs have been lost, loved ones are sick, friends we know have shut their business doors and so many are trying to work from home. Some of us are isolating alone, some with partners, some with family. Everyone is trying to get through these difficult times, stay safe and stay healthy (in body and mind).


One media company wanted to, in some small way, combat this tidal-wave of negative news with some positive stories of how people are coping and overcoming these challenges around the world. If coronavirus has taught us anything, it is that we are stronger together and that we are not alone. Introducing Grow Voices ! 


Grow Voices is a new feel-good project launched by positive news organisation Grow Media. The project curates 3-minute weekly video diaries from individuals based all over the world about how their lives have been changed, how they are adapting and how they are working out a new day-to-day routine within the temporary lockdown that we all find ourselves in.  


From key workers, parents and world champion bodyboarders to fitness instructors, frontline health staff and farmers; everyone is coping differently. The first cohort of Grow Voices members include people from England, Scotland, America, Canada, Brazil, Kenya, Belgium, Denmark and Australia.


This incredible community of positive people have shared in their video diaries about a range of subjects, including home-schooling, mental health, physical fitness, family life, staying creative and how they are passing the time in lockdown.


Editor in Chief of Grow Magazine Joff Alexander-Frye says:  


“When the virus started to spread and our team began working from home we introduced a daily group video call each morning with all the staff. This not only lifted our spirits but gave us the idea for Grow Voices because we all felt an increased need for human connection.”  


He continues, “Sometimes, we feel like our singular voices gets lost in the crowd. I guess sometimes, they do. But sometimes it is one singular voice that changes whole nations or generations of people. And, sometimes, lots of individual voices add up to one loud and powerful voice. That is the vision behind Grow Voices.”    


Co-Founder and CEO of Grow, Daniel Frye, comments:  


“All of us have worked in media for years and, when we started our own business, we wanted to do something different. There are enough organisations looking at the negative. We wanted to intentionally choose positivity. Uncertainty and isolation have gripped our nations and our newsfeeds, so we wanted to do our bit to somewhat rebalance the scales.” 


He concludes, “As a relentlessly positive media movement, we wanted to shine a light on some of the incredible people in the world who are making a positive difference for themselves, their families, their communities, their businesses and beyond.”  


So, for a feel-good dose of positivity, check out the Grow Voices videos by visiting Grow’s website , YouTube or Facebook .