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swcomms completes move to long-term hybrid working model

By October 12, 2020January 26th, 2021Growth Partners, Member News & Updates

swcomms has completed their move to a hybrid working model by consolidating office space and rolling out remote IT and communications solutions.

The vast majority of staff worked from home during the initial lockdown via virtual private network access to servers hosted in swcomms’ data centre while using cloud apps for telephony and communications purposes.

Managing director Brian Lodge said: “Clearly, we were in a fortunate position to be able to use the technology we sell to our customers to support home working during lockdown. As telecommunications key workers, we could still officially come to work, but there was just no need as most our office staff could easily work from home.

“The success of our remote working programme has meant we have been able to adopt this as a more long-term hybrid strategy. While some members of staff returned to work when the Government said it was safe to do so, most still worked remotely or came into the office for a number of days per month. This is fluid situation that can ebb and flow in line with the Government’s latest guidelines.”

As a result, swcomms’ need for office space has reduced and the ground floor main suite of fully furnished offices of 70 desks is now available to let thought its managed office business, along with 30 car parking spaces.

“I believe we are the embodiment of the so-called ‘new normal’ when it comes to how we now work,” continued Mr Lodge. “Where possible, staff are working from home and remain as, if not more, productive, as they would have been in the office.

“We all stay in touch in whatever medium is most suitable – call, email, instant message or video meeting – and I can honestly say, I have had more communication with some of my staff than I did when we worked in the office!

“Meanwhile, we continue to attend to our customers’ needs, which include many challenges connected to COVID-19, and ‘meet’ with potential clients who do not want to attend our office via video to maintain a business as usual approach to these challenging times.”

An average of 25% of office staff work at Communications House on any one week day. The remainder use secure remote access to their desktops and use remote handsets or mobile telephony, as well as unified communications apps to effectively stay in touch with colleagues and customers.