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By January 1, 2021April 28th, 2021EXIST

A pioneering robotics firm that is developing a state-of-the-art diagnostic and physical training machine has moved into Exeter Science Park.

Sigma Technical was launched in 2016 by engineer Mike Badley who, having honed expertise in special effects working on some of the leading Hollywood blockbusters from the last two decades, including Batman, James Bond, and Star Wars, as well as largescale live events including Olympic opening ceremonies, Glastonbury festival, and tours for Adele & Take That, wanted to utilise his technical expertise for new challenges.

Experienced in designing and building an extensive range of electromechanical special effects, Sigma

Technical has taken this knowledge to develop a robotic solution for human physical development that can accurately measure, optimise, and create near optimal bespoke training to aid rehabilitation and build the strength in an individual.

The impressive design has resulted in Sigma receiving a Seal of Excellence from the European Commission via Horizon 2020.

This cutting-edge machine customises exercises which can be used for preand post-flight training for human space flight, or in-mission exercise to help maintain muscle mass and bone

density. It can enhance the training for elite sports, from Formula 1 drivers to rugby players, providing exercises that are tailored to strengthen specific muscles. It is also of great potential for

neurological and physical rehabilitation, as well as providing in-depth diagnostic data.

Founder Mike Badley said: “The idea of collaborative robots, or cobots, has been something that has always interested me. High-end film production is becoming very advanced and robotic solutions are often integrated into special effects. The intention is to use novel robotics for practical solutions

beyond pure entertainment. “The machines that are being used currently for physio and diagnostics are outdated and do not provide the insightful data that new technology can enable.” Sigma Technical took part in the SpaceTechSW 2017 incubator supported the UK Space Agency and SETsquared Exeter, which aims to boost small businesses looking at new space technology in the South West. “The move to the Science Park has enabled me to be in a creative space with like-minded people who are striving to create technological solutions. I am keen to grow my business with strong links to the University and utilising the expertise of the graduates,” added Mike.