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Exeter City Futures & Exeter College crunch the numbers

By January 1, 2021April 28th, 2021EXIST

Exeter City Futures is working with students to help them to create lasting change and a sustainable future. Starting in January, Exeter City Futures is working with Exeter College, analysing data with students based at the Maths and Science Centre. The 15-week data analytics pilot programme is aimed at A Level Maths, Computer Science and BTEC Enterprise students. It is one of two education challenges that Exeter City Futures is currently running. The aim is for students to learn how to engage with real problems and build their analytical skills. In doing this they will show that young people are capable of creating change in the Exeter region. Students will be using data to work on projects within the college and will solve real-world problems for students within the Exeter region. Improving the college and the students’ experience is just beginning. Exeter City Futures is also helping students to upskill and gain enhanced knowledge in data analysis, so that they can identify problems and create change for all. Exeter City Futures was founded in November 2015 with the aim of making Exeter and the surrounding region sustainable for the future. Its vision is to make Exeter and the region congestion free and energy independent by 2025. The 15-week course at the Maths and Science Centre is the first in a series of education programmes that Exeter City Futures is delivering throughout 2017.  |