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By January 1, 2021April 28th, 2021EXIST

Working with local providers, Exeter College is launching two new apprenticeships to fill a growing need for digitally skilled people in the local workforce. The apprenticeshps  in IT and Software Development; a Software and Development Technician at Level 3 and a Software Developer at Level 4, will give participants experience in the web, gaming and software development roles and  industries.

Stephen Mariadas, project lead for Digital and Data at the College said: “The UK is widely recognised as the leading tech hub in Europe. In the G20, it is also the largest digital economy as a percentage of GDP but employers are finding that there is a significant skills gap.  Demand for programming skills considerably outstrips supply.  Learning as an apprentice means not only will you learn industry-relevant skills and gain formal qualifications but you will also be taking an active part in projects and rapidly improving your software development skills in the workplace.”