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By January 1, 2021April 28th, 2021EXIST

On the 9th March, the Exeter Initiative for Science and Technology (ExIST) will be looking into climate change and the opportunities that lie within this for business community. The event will be held at the new HPC Complex which is part of the new Met Office Supercomputer building, finished in 2016.

The Met Office, with contractors Willmott Dixon, built a specialist IT Hall to house part of the supercomputer and a Collaboration Space to enable scientific and technical advancements through collaborations and partnerships. Speakers for the first event of 2017 will include Vicky Pope from the Met Office, Glenn Woodcock of Exeter City Futures and Laurence Oakes-Ash from City Science.

Vicky will be highlighting how organisations can make use of Met Office data, products and services to develop innovative applications, helping manage weather related risks and opportunities so that businesses can operate safely, efficiently and profitably.

Glenn Woodcock will be presenting Exeter City Futures, roadmap to energy independence, looking into the challenges and opportunities to reduce Exeter’s consumption, increase efficiency and adopt better energy sources.

Laurence Oakes-Ash of City Science will be showing delegates how City Science, an ambitious, young technology company, is creating next generation products and services that capture, analyse and interpret city data to optimise transport.

Simon Notley, Principal Consultant at Dynniq will be helping delegates discover how the company contributes to the transformation of cities into Smart Cities. Dynniq delivers innovative and value-driven technology-based products, systems and services which enable the effective and efficient movement of people, data and goods.

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