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Entrepreneur and business mentor Benn Davis, CEO of Devon-based Bigwave Marketing, announces the launch of his first book, aimed at business owners with a turnover of between £1m – £20m who want to grow exponentially.  Entitled ‘Annihilate your competition’, the 12-step guide will help business owners achieve explosive growth in achieving higher levels of sales, revenue, or profit. 

Bigwave Marketing one of the leading creative agencies in the South West, is a fast-track business growth and digital marketing agency.  They employ over 40 staff across three Devon offices located in Exeter, Plymouth, and Torquay.   

Drawing on his extensive knowledge spanning two decades of buying and selling numerous businesses with combined turnover in the tens of millions across a diverse range of sectors throughout the UK, Benn Davis is using his experience and the expertise of senior members of his team to help other business owners reach the ultimate goal of being the best within their industry or market sector.  

Benn Davis, CEO – Bigwave Marketing and author said: “The book has been created using my own experience in running multi-million-pound companies and how we can help other businesses to achieve this level of success.  It is only for true entrepreneurs who want to discover the real secret to building companies and teams with the ambition of experiencing explosive growth.”   

He adds: “Many well-known and long-established brands have fallen by the wayside in these unprecedented and challenging times for the British economy.  It is tougher than ever for many business owners who are looking to survive the current climate; they know they need to take positive action but just cannot do it alone.  I know first-hand what it is like to run a business, dealing with the daily pressures which can stop you focusing on the real goal.  Like it or not, competition comes hand in hand with running a business.  This book will give company owners a step-by-step guide to ensure they do not just survive but thrive! Unless you are 100% focused on acting now to exponentially grow your business, then you like many of your competitors, will continue to just tread water and in a worst-case scenario ‘sink without trace’.” 

The 204-page gives an expert’s guide on the secret of winning and is available from Amazon in both digital E-reader and hardcopy, or in PDF free of charge via website. Working with global brands and high turnover clients, Benn and his team uses these trusted methods to help their clients achieve explosive growth whilst maintaining a transparent return on investment (ROI).     

Benn explains: “Growing a business is not just about marketing, it is about strategic planning and without this you are genuinely wasting your cash.  Gone are the days you work with a marketing business and spend it on Paid Paper Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), being dazzled by graphs and your click throughs and no proven ROI.  As an astute business owner, you need to implement a programme across the whole business.  At Bigwave we call ours Insight360, creating a six-step strategy. If you cannot monitor your business, how can you manage it?” He adds: “The aim of monitoring ROI is to make sure that for every pound you spend on a marketing campaign or a business consultancy service, you get back substantially more. What is considered an ‘ROI target’ varies based on the agreed strategy aligned with your internal processes and monitored against your industry sector. Our job is to ensure that we monitor and manage the spend with a view to at least doubling your return, however, most clients get a massive increase on ROI by working on their explosive growth strategies using the six-step Insight360 programme we have designed in line with the book.”  

Benn Davis concludes: “Engaging in the Insight360 programme will help business leaders free up time so that they can focus on running and growing their businesses. We do this by providing valuable strategic advice across all departments within your business, all designed to improve the profitability, performance, and efficiency of the organisation.”