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One of the South West’s leading recruitment experts, Sarah Knight, has announced the launch of Tribus, a new and innovative company that provides insightful people solutions for SME’s looking to grow in the South West.

Sarah, along with co-founder David Chamberlain, saw that there was a need for a company that could offer a 360 approach to growing SW businesses looking to attract, recruit, retain and develop their people – especially now when companies are looking to build-back better after a turbulent 12 months.

They set out to create a company that would use a blend of tools and experience to measure a businesses current strengths, development areas and market position; draw upon an international collective of highly experienced consultants to advise ; and then deliver a plan to make the business more resilient, profitable and successful.

David said: “Having worked in and built my own businesses both locally and internationally, I saw a real opportunity to partner with local SME’s and share my experience and expertise. Instead of the traditional siloed approach to attraction, recruitment, retention and development we’ve created a connected, collaborative and practical service to help our clients realise their potential.”

As to why Sarah decided to set up Tribus, she said: “I’ve spent over 20 years helping companies to create high performing teams but recruitment is only part of the puzzle – being able to identify and address what’s holding a team, leader or company back, and help them turn that around, is so rewarding.”

From executive recruitment, people and culture development to organisational design and employer branding, Tribus is certainly set to take the South West by storm.