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Michelmores Marathon for Mental Wellbeing: 7 June – 13 June 2021

Join us from 7 June until 13 June 2021 to run a marathon challenge in support of mental wellbeing.

Go solo or get together with friends, family or colleagues to create a team of two or four people. If covering 26.2 miles in a week isn’t for you, why not get together with colleagues, friends or family to cover the miles as a team?
You can choose to run the marathon all in one go, over the weekend, or run three or four miles each day; as long as you / your team have covered 26.2 miles by the end of the week, it’s up to you.

You can run wherever and whenever you like. Whether that’s doing laps of your local park, pounding the streets of your town, or using a running machine – the goal is the same: 26.2 miles in a week.