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Could you support the LEP Innovation Board?

By August 5, 2021EXIST, STEMM

The LEP’s Innovation Board is still relatively new and seeks to drive the development of an innovation ecosystem within the region. To help inform their work, the Board is also establishing a new Panel of Innovation Driven Enterprises* which they would consult, at most monthly, but more typically quarterly.

Consultation will always be voluntary and will be via surveys; email responses to questions and proposals and occasional virtual meetings.  The results of decisions, taken in light of responses from the IDEP, will be fed back to help evidence how the Panel is influencing developments in the region.

If you would be interested in finding out more, contact Andrew Dean 

*An IDE is defined as an enterprise that pursues global opportunities based on introducing consumers to new innovations that have a clear competitive advantage and high growth potential.  



The Heart of the South West LEP Innovation Driven Enterprise Panel (IDEP) is a voluntary network of entrepreneurs and business leaders from Innovation Driven Enterprises.  This network will respond, when practical, to short surveys and questionnaires submitted by the LEP’s Innovation Board. Members will also be invited to occasional short meetings (typically virtual).

In doing so, the IDEP members will be helping to inform the work of the Innovation Board as it seeks to strengthen the region’s capacity for innovation, commercialisation and the application of new ideas by enhancing a regional innovation ecosystem.

The IDEP will enable both a fuller understanding of the needs, barriers and priorities for such enterprises and will act as test-bed for new developments and ideas in the region.

Total expected time commitment for members should not be longer than 4 survey hours per year.