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Emerging digital technologies and opportunities in health and wellbeing

By August 11, 2021EXIST, STEMM

Join SETsquared to hear about real world innovative health technology in action and a chance to network with peers and experts in the sector.

SETsquared Exeter Discovery Rooms are an ongoing series of fully funded events through the ERDF University of Exeter Enterprise Zone, bringing together SMEs, sector experts, researchers and entrepreneurs to learn about effective business applications of new technologies and innovations. Across the series we will be looking at a variety of sector specialisms and themes, so check back regularly to see what else is coming up!

These Discovery Room events aim to :

  • raise awareness and utilisation of new technologies and innovations and how they are being adopted in the real world
  • provide the chance to network with peers and experts and to build community knowledge

Discovery Rooms are open to all in the business community but we particularly welcome attendees from the Devon region.


15th September 2021 – Discovering emerging digital technologies and opportunities in health and wellbeing

Join us for sector network event delivered by SETsquared Exeter, providing a look at some examples of how technology is developed and adapted for use in the health sector with exciting community wellbeing benefits.

This workshop is aimed at those who are interested in learning more about emerging digital technologies and developments within the health and wellbeing sectors.

We will look at examples of how the application of technology is helping people to feel healthier, happier and more connected through understanding the different challenges they face linked to health and wellbeing, and their aspirations for using technology to help overcome them.

This workshop will give you insight into the real world application of new technologies to provide innovative and effective business solutions. It will also provide an opportunity to meet and connect with peers and experts within the sector.


This is a hybrid event so there are both online and in person tickets.

You can register on Eventbrite here: