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Exeter Business Exceptional Hardship Fund 2021-2022

Exeter City Council is committed to supporting our local business community that has been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. There is a small amount of funds remaining from the Additional Restrictions Grant, which will be used to support businesses located in Exeter that are suffering from exceptional hardship, as a result of Covid-19.

Some examples of the type of unavoidable business costs that may be causing exceptional hardship could be:

  • Premise costs – rent, mortgage, insurance, maintenance;
  • Materials
  • Transport
  • Non-government supported staff costs;
  • Normal ongoing payments on equipment and assets;
  • Unavoidable maintenance of assets;
  • Finance costs;
  • Business utilities – energy costs, Wi-Fi etc.

This fund is targeted at businesses in most need, with applications considered on a case-by-case and a first come first served basis, due to the many individual scenarios businesses are facing in Exeter.

The aim of the Exeter Business Exceptional Hardship Fund is to make a contribution to the survival of a viable Exeter business that has been directly impacted by Covid-19 and associated government restrictions, to help them to stay open and continue to serve their customers.

To request an application please email [email protected]

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