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Co Cars – helping businesses on their journey to Net Zero this summer

Electric car buyers are currently faced with unprecedented wait times for delivery of their cars. This is due to a global shortage of parts exacerbated by pandemic fallout and the Ukrainian conflict, with delays of up to 18 months reported on popular models such as the VW ID.3.

If you or your business find yourself in this predicament and are patiently (or not) waiting for your electric car, then Co Cars can help. The not-for-profit social enterprise has several ID.3s waiting to be deployed at new locations which means they are now available for longer hires over the summer.

Cars can be booked in 4-week blocks at a cost of £650 (plus 2p a mile up 1000 miles) – that equates to just over £23 a day for a top of the range, brand new EV. To help members on their journey to net zero, hire costs have been split into two easy payments – simply pay 50% up front and the remaining 50% at the end of the 4-week hire period (VAT applies for any business bookings). Once the 4 weeks are up, there is an option to renew for a further 4 weeks or simply return the car at the end of the hire period.

Those looking for short-term hire can also benefit from Co Cars’ 25% off day hire, Monday to Wednesday. Members can choose any available car in the network and only ay a quarter of the original hire cost.

These offers are available for a limited time only – to find out more about our 4-week hire, or the new Monday – Wednesday offer visit