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Introducing: Bedroom to Business, 10 Weeks of Free Support for Entrepreneurs

You’ve discovered something you love to do, and it has the potential to grow and support you financially. But what is your next epic move? How can you take your passion from the kitchen table or bedroom and turn it into a business?

The Business & Intellectual Property Centre (BIPC Devon) is staging a free 10 week ‘Bedroom to Business’ course (from 8th September) designed to help you make sense of the entrepreneurial journey ahead. You can attend in person or online every week.

The principles are easy to follow, regardless of your experience and we encourage you to ask questions at the end of every session.

Step by step, week by week, we’ll cover the key business skills you’ll need to launch a successful small business. At the end of the course, you’ll have all the tools you need to move your business forward.

BIPC Manager Richard Love said: “The past few years have been tough, and it has pushed many people to find alternative sources of income. If you have started, or are thinking about starting a new business venture, then this is the course for you!”

Entrepreneur Clare Collis said: “I’ve accessed several of the BIPC Devon services over the past year and have found them to be invaluable sources of information each time. The staff have always been kind, professional and helpful, even when I haven’t really known exactly what I am looking or asking for. I’d recommend them as the perfect place to start if you are even considering something IP related within your business, or if you have never even considered IP and your business.”

Another entrepreneur who used the resources from the BIPC to start her Exmouth-based business said: “The BIPC is excellent! So valuable and down-to-earth. I have been so impressed and relieved to have found these great webinars and expert 121 advice from BIPC – especially during the (sometimes daunting) period of setting up my own business. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Hannah from Holsworthy who used the resources from the BIPC for her Creative Business said: “The speaker was engaging and easy to listen to, personable, and delivered a really inspiring and motivating session. Participants interacted well. Really enjoyable. Wish I’d been to more of these sessions!”

The free 10 week ‘Business to Bedroom’ course will be led by Award Winning Coach and founder of Clarity Coaching, Clare Palmer.

At the end of the 10-week program, five lucky participants will receive an additional three months of one-to-one business support from Clare herself. Ensuring that we at BIPC can continue to build ongoing relationships with and deliver investment to Devon’s most promising entrepreneurial talent.

Clare is an inspiring coach recognised as outstanding in her field and nominated for a Southwest Women Award in the category “Best Support Act”

Clare’s passion lies in helping people break back self-imposed barriers, increase self-belief and become more conscious of their thoughts, emotions and actions to achieve the best possible outcome for them.

The course will run in person and online every Thursday at 10am and also uploaded to the BIPC website to watch again. There will also be additional webinars and workshops alongside this training.

The content will cover everything from negative self-talk, goal setting and time management, to intellectual property, sales, marketing, research and accounting basics.

The course, like everything from the BIPC, is absolutely free and starts on Thursday 8th September. And if you can’t attend, you can watch all of the webinars on the BIPC website.

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