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The Mortgage Quarter volunteers its time to support Exeter YMCA

Last week the team at The Mortgage Quarter swapped computer screens for paint brushes and spent a day out of the office volunteering at Exeter YMCA.

The mortgage advisers were tasked with decorating some rooms for the YMCA’s Wellbeing team so they can relocate from their current, more costly location in a separate building. The Wellbeing team offers a vital service at the YMCA, working with children and young people experiencing low mood, anxiety or behavioural difficulties. It’s a free service and the only one in Exeter and surrounding areas available to those under 12.

By giving up their time, The Mortgage Quarter helped free up some much-needed resources that could be diverted into service delivery rather than decorating. As soon as the carpet is down (that job’s a bit beyond The Mortgage Quarter’s skill set!), the team can move into their new offices and continue their life-changing work.

Steve Lawson, Facilities Coordinator at Exeter YMCA, commented, “As a charity providing housing and support to young people and families across the city, there are many jobs that need to get done but are often put off for more pressing needs. Having volunteers who believe in our aims and are willing to get their hands dirty on some simple jobs allows us to move forward with the work we feel we are called into.

“It was such a great help to have a team willing and able to help transform some spaces and complete a job that has needed to be done for some time. This help allows us to move forward with the support that is so needed. Thanks to the team for the willingness and enthusiasm to get involved.”

Painting instead of arranging mortgages and insurance was a pleasant change for the team at The Mortgage Quarter, and they all enjoyed mucking in. But they think they’ll stick to the day job for now!

The Mortgage Quarter is always looking for ways to volunteer in the community, so if you have a project that you would like their help with, get in touch (