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Luxury new skin clinic now open in St Leonards, Exeter

With over 10 years combined experience our technicians can advise and help on most skin concerns. 

Renowned for offering alternative options to surgery we help our clients reverse the ageing process by tightening areas of loose skin – be that upper eyelids, under the chin, jowells or even an entire face lift, neck lift or tummy lift. 

We can also help with stretch marks and scar reduction, mole and skin tag removals, help with acne and breakout prone skin and even help rejuvenate hair growth. We also offer some permanent make up options and chemical peels along with other rejuvenating and brightening facials, Dermaplaning and many more skin solutions. 

All in our beautiful setting of our brand new luxury clinic. 

Free consultations available. Treatments by appointment only. We look forward to welcoming you.